Mystic Festival 2023: Bloody Death Metal and Catchy Hard Rock

Here’s six (six, six) new bands we’ll all have a chance to see in Gdańsk Shipyard next year: Dismember, Nothing More, Wolfheart, Molybaron, Bombus, and Black Mirrors.

Aaarrrrgghhh!!! There’s few bands who would dare to entitle their record as „Death Metal” – but if not Dismember, who else could to do it? Living masters of Swedish death metal, bringing us music derived from a swollen stream of blood, indecency, obscenity and a killing capacity. Dismember hold the undisputed reins of this vile music genre. And we remain grateful that in 2022, they will spread destruction all over the Gdańsk Shipyard.

Nothing More
Straight from Texas: Nothing More – with their equally progressive and aggressive music. Having been nominated for Grammy three times, last year they returned with their album “Spirits”. “The music and vocals are so intense and dramatic that I could surely appreciate them being performed in a live setting as part of a crowd,” proclaims one the album’s reviewers. You are all very much welcome in Gdańsk.

Hungry wolves of Karelia. The pack is led by Tuomas Sukkonen, known from Before the Dawn and Dawn of Solace. In 2022, they released their sixth record „King of the North” – its title is a perfect reflection of their abilities and ambition in the kingdom of melodic death metal.

This Irish-French band has only released two records – “MolyBaron” and “The Mutiny” – but just with these two albums they earned themselves the recognition as one of the most interesting representatives of alternative metal. “The most common thing I read when critics describe our music is their difficultly placing us in a genre: is it rock, is it metal, progressive metal, groove metal?” asks singer and guitarist Gary Kelly “Well in fact, I believe it’s all of the above.” We could not agree more.

More Swedish acts in the line-up means more riffs that automatically make your head bang. Bombus of Göteborg confirm that with their melodic and violent music. For almost a decade, they have been pursuing the quest for the perfect riff, and now they are nothing short of an amazing concert machine. In 2019, they released their fourth studio album “Vulture Culture” – but for their show at Mystic Festival, they’ll surely bring us something entirely new.

Black Mirrors
This hard rock crew from Brussells, with their charismatic vocalist Marcello Di Troja, and with their hypnotizing choruses, could be filling up stadiums now, had they been born at a different, more rock friendly time. Yet the title of their latest album „Tomorrow Will Be Without US” is openly deceptive – future belongs to Black Mirrors!

We remind that the festival’s line-up already includes Ghost, Danzig, Gojira, Meshuggah, Behemoth, The Hellacopters, Testament, Watain, Moonspell, Perturbator, Exodus, Voivod, Alcest, Sleep Token, Unleashed, Carpathian Forest, Grave, Soen, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (with a Motörhead set), Godflesh, Primitive Man, Earthless, Lucifer, Greg Puciato, Lord Of The Lost, Horskh, Heriot, Sylvaine, Employed To Serve, Planet Of Zeus, Antimatter, Darkher, Ne Obliviscaris, LLNN, Pupil Slicer, Birds In Row, Undeath, Lili Refrain, Bury Tomorrow, Orbit Culture and Pure Bedlam.

Mystic Festival 2023 will take place 7th -10th June in Gdańsk, at the Shipyard.

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