Old Sound and New Sound – Four New Bands Join Mystic Festival 2023 Line-up

Masters of the extreme from Meshuggah, old players of thrash from Exodus, dark priesthood of Alcest, and retro flash of Lucifer – four new additions to Mystic Festival 2023.

For years Meshuggah has been crafting their own, private music universe. A lot of bands aspired to follow in their footsteps, but failed. To put it simply: there is no other band that offers music as technically advanced and as perfect sound-wise as they do. And when you’d think they finally reached their limits, this spring they surprised us with their new album “Immutable,” pushing their music to yet a new level.

It’s an egregious misunderstanding that Exodus is not ranked as part of the Big Four of Thrash Metal – especially, since they first provided their guitar player to Metallica, and then to Slayer. Upon us, fans of this music, they bestowed not only monumental albums – like the iconic “Bonded by Blood” – but also faith that in the XXI century, thrash metal can still knock out teeth and kick ass. Exodus surprised us with its fantastic “Tempo of the Damned” – and although their latest record is entitled “Persona Non Grata”, they will be much awaited in Gdańsk.

There’s a handful of bands who navigate through darkness at the speed of light, but the French duo known as Alcest is not one of them. Alcest nests in darkness, drifts through it, and contemplates it. Bringing together shoegaze with black metal, cold wave and postmetal infinity, it always follows its own path, best described with the title of their latest record: “Spiritual Instinct” – their music is never calculated, but always driven by the spirit and by instincts.

Lucifer pay tribute to… no, not the fallen angel, although their lyrics are saturated with the occult. Their music bows to the golden era of hard rock and heavy metal, to the 1970s, when heavy riffs were balanced by melodic refrains. Lucifer’s vocalist, charismatic Johanna Sadonis will be casting spells from the stage in the Gdańsk Shipyard, and her companions will make sure that music matches her vocals.

We remind that the festival’s line-up already includes Ghost, Gojira, Behemoth, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (with a Motörhead set), Voivod, Moonspell, Perturbator, Sleep Token, Carpathian Forest, Unleashed, Heriot and Soen. Mystic Festival 2023 will take place 7th -10th June in Gdańsk, at the Shipyard. For more information about the festival and tickets visit our website: www.mysticfestival.pl

Currently available:

1. Four-day Early Birds pass at 639 PLN.

2. Four-day Early Birds VIP pass at 899 PLN.

3. Mystic Camp: overnight stay – 99 PLN.

4. Mystic Camp: car parking – 99 PLN.

5. Mystic Camp: camper parking – 399 PLN

Ticket passes can also be purchased with eBilet: www.ebilet.pl

MYSTIC FESTIVAL is organized by Mystic Coalition, an alliance of companies with rich

experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out

Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.

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