Within Temptation, Evanescence + Smash Into Pieces / 5.12.2022 / Arena Gliwice

The Polish concert of Within Temptation and Evanescence as part of the “Worlds Collide Tour” will take place on December 5, 2022, invariably at the Gliwice Arena. The band Smash Into Pieces will play as support.

The concert is organized by Mystic Coalition, an alliance of companies with extensive experience in the concert, festival and publishing market, which includes Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production and B90.


In the mid-1990s, all of metal Europe was brimming with testosterone and arming itself for a war against light and good sound, unleashed by Norwegian black-metalists. The Dutch band Within Temptation, born at that time, moved against the tide. Sharon den Adel stood behind the microphone, singing in a confident, full voice, and the group’s compositions were based on catchy melodies and crystal clear but powerful, even bombastic production.

As time went by, it turned out that the vast territory of symphonic metal was too narrow for Within Temptation, and the band was just as bold to signify 80s pop influences – take the cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, for example – as well as inspirations going far beyond metal or even rock territory, as evidenced by their collaboration with American rapper Xzibit. Anyway, not to look far, they also have a single to their credit – “Whole World is Watching” – with a guest appearance by Piotr Rogucki.

Because Within Temptation elude all attempts at pigeonholing, conducting their career the same way they play concerts – with energy, without complexes, with a flair that is the envy of half the world.




The emergence of Evanescence was a real revelation. Even more so because it started with an earthquake – the single “Bring Me To Life” not only catapulted the band to the top (a Grammy straight away for a debut doesn’t happen every day), but in general restored the world’s faith in the power of rock, which at the beginning of the 21st century seemed to be in retreat.

Evanescence did it differently from everyone else, combining numetal punch with gothic sombreness, but they did it well. We don’t even mention an asset like Amy Lee, one of the best female voices in rock and metal… It’s no wonder that after just three well-received albums – “Fallen” (2003), “The Open Door” (2006) and “Evanescence” (2011) – the group has established itself as one of the most important new phenomena in the American guitar music scene.

We’ve been waiting for Evanescence’s album of new material for almost a decade. Fortunately, it’s already here – “The Bitter Truth” has just been released.




One of the hottest names in Scandinavian alternative rock. The Swedish quartet’s music defies categorization – because you’ll hear both strong riffs and dance rhythms, as well as an electronic pulse – and the lyrics look far into the future. It’s enough to immerse yourself in the digital world created on the album “ARCADIA,” the fifth in the Swedes’ output, or this year’s epics “Real One” and “VR” to be swept away by this vision. The live version is further enhanced by a show that combines technological flavor with rock element.



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