Mystic Festival 2023: Eight more names on the program

No metal legends this time, but future stars of the genre. Joining the festival line-up are: Employed To Serve, Earthless, Horskh, Pupil Slicer, Orbit Culture, Ne Obliviscaris, Sylvaine and LLNN.

Employed To Serve

Post-hardcore, nu metal and thrash co-exist surprisingly in their music. They’re a British quintet fronted by vocalist Justine Jones whose singing is boiling with fury. Taking advantage of a plague-enforced break from heavy touring, Employed To Serve have finished work on their fourth full-length, the excellent “Conquering” album. As the Guardian reviewer rightly noted, their music is perfectly timed for the apocalypse.


An esteemed California trio that blends the desert sound of the American South with influences from British classic hard rock, krautrock trance and Japanese psychedelia. A far-out trip and deep submersion that is perfectly reflected in the titles of the band’s albums, such as “Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky” (2007) and “Black Heaven” (2018). Live, the element of improvisation is added, so Earthless takes the listeners on a different journey each time.


French Horskh have perfectly mastered the rare ability to create music that can work in a dance club, but also create a moshpit in front of the stage. With them, electro mingles with industrial metal, overpowering rhythm with brutality and heaviness. They have toured with Ministry, Igorrr and Perturbator, among others, and it’s in such company that they should feel right at home.

Pupil Slicer

The name of the project headed by vocalist and guitarist Kate Davies may sound grotesque, but the London-based trio’s music is serious business. We’re talking about dangerous, angry, unpredictable math-metal, chaos incarnate. Their debut album “Mirrors” gained a lot of praise, and the band has been compared to The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge, among others, though no doubt Pupil Slicer have their own ride. Without any brakes.

Orbit Culture

” Life is unfair. We all know that. But there’s still something deeply irritating about the way bands as undeniably great as Orbit Culture are still on a small label (with all due respect etc) and largely undetected by the mainstream metal radar” – lamented the Blabbermouth reviewer. The lack of star status fortunately does not prevent the Swedes from creating melodic death metal with an American groove, indeed music of the highest order. You will find proof of this on the album “Nija” (2020) and, of course, during their live shows.

Ne Obliviscaris

Australians who play music invented in the 21st century – that is progressive, ambitious, technically advanced metal on one hand and on the other, it is striving for extremity and menacing. Speaking both in the voice of the clean-singing Tim Charles and the growling of Xenoyr. Added to this are arrangements from outside the metal arsenal and abundant violin parts. They are planning a new album, “Exul,” for 2023, which signals another expansion of metal’s boundaries.


Our festival’s purpose is not only to crush your bones with heaviness and brutality, it’s also about the magic of music that reaches the border of silence, yet it also is intense on the emotional level. Kathrine Shepard, known to the world as Sylvaine, drifts into no-man’s land between post-black metal, ambient and folk. From album to album – the latest being this year’s “Nova” – her vision is increasingly individual and engaging.


The band sees itself as “dark, heavy and post-apocalyptic” – and actually nothing more needs to be added. The Danish quartet sounds like a train crash, like a nightmare you can’t wake up from, like a bastard child of sludge, post-metal and hardcore, with majestic keyboard parts that travel through worlds straight out of dystopian sci-fi movies and scary video games.

We remind that the festival’s line-up already includes Ghost, Gojira, Testament, Meshuggah, The Hellacopters, Behemoth, Exodus, Watain, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (with a Motörhead set), Voivod, Godflesh, Moonspell, Perturbator, Alcest, Greg Puciato, Primitive Man, Grave, Sleep Token, Carpathian Forest, Lord Of The Lost, Unleashed, Lucifer, Bury Tomorrow, Planet of Zeus, Birds in Row, Heriot, Undeath and Soen.

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